NCAA Basketball Game Wasn’t RickRoll’d After All

A nation slept soundly knowing that a small group of fans watching the Montana State-Eastern Washington womens basketball game was reassured by 80s musical troubadour Rick Astley that he would never give them up, let them down, run around, or desert them — among other promises. Because, see, we had video evidence:

But now KHQ of Spokane, Washington is reporting that the in-person RickRoll was a fabrication, meaning that the videographers told us a lie and hurt us.

YouTuber Pawly P actually had an Astley stunt double go into the gym for the Eastern Washington game and dance around, lip-synching “Never Gonna Give You Up,” thoroughly confusing the masses. But in the real life charade, there was no trendy ’80s music blaring through the P.A., no redheaded crooners on the JumboTron, and the shots of cheerleaders and fans dancing was footage from other games. But the whole production was convincing enough for the NEW YORK TIMES to write about it.

So that little scalawag pulled a fast one on the Old Gray Lady? “You could say that, uhhhhhhhh, you could say that.”

But that’s not the best part. Turns out, Eastern Washington freshman forward Julie Piper is Rick Astley’s niece.