N.C. State’s Season: From Breakout To Outbreak

Before Saturday’s game against in-state rival East Carolina, North Carolina State was a surprising 5-1 and appeared on the verge of a breakout season. But as any college football fan knows, you can never underestimate a team’s homefield advantage, as ECU once again proved in a 33-27 upset of the Wolfpack in the HOUSE STEVE LOGAN BUILT.

N.C. State syphilis letter to the editor

But in the aftermath of East Carolina’s surprising victory, at least one ECU fan wasn’t altogether pleased. In a letter to the North Carolina State University student newspaper today, East Carolina alumus Caroline Knauss apologized to Wolfpack fans for the behavior of one particular Pirate fan.

N.C. State syphilis letter to the editor


 There is no excuse for performing lewd acts on possessions that represented you. Ene (sic) drunken idiot tried to give N.C. State syphilis by sticking an N.C. State flag down his pants, rubbing vigorously, and then pulling it out for all to see, smell, etc. 

Burning question for Wolfpack football: Will N.C. State allow the sting of its visit to ECU to incubate, or merely scab over?

Finally, a house call for former Wolfpack head coach Dr. Lou!