NC State Narrowly Avoids Third Quarter Rick Roll

Music is important to the outcome of sporting events. Look no further than the Boston Celtics, who used Republica’s “Ready To Go” (on the rooftops shouting out!) as their theme in 2007 … and not in 2008. Worked out pretty well for them.

NC State Wolfpack mascot

So, yeah, entrance music, coupled with a really strong desire to win, is what makes your team a winner. All jokes aside though, NC State is making a huge mistake with the way they are handling music at 2008 football games. 850 THE BUZZ brings the noise that the Wolfpack are having an online poll as to what should be played, and you’ll never believe it, but that dastardly Rick Astley is back up to his old tricks.

See, NCSU’s Hip People in Charge of Fun at Football Games (an actual title, mind you) decided to see what the fans wanted to hear in between the third and fourth quarter to keep them in their seats during a blowout get them pumped up.

Here’s your chance to help start a new game-day tradition at Carter-Finley Stadium. Whether it is a country hit, classic rock or a beach music song, NC State is looking for something that will stir the passions of fans aged 2 to 92 between the third and fourth quarters of home football games.

YEAH! WOO! STEAK! KILL! FOOTBALL! BEACH MUSI … Whaaa? Or worse, Rick Astley, since as Joe Ovies pointed out, if Carolina fans weren’t so busy sucking down their Savignon Blanco, they’d be on the interwebs voting “Never Gonna” up and making ‘Pack fans suffer even worse than they already will be in 2008.

Rick Roll Chart

But, alas, the draw of the brie was too great and it appears they were too late. And NCSU has already narrowed the list of potential songs to five. Fortunately for anyone who hates the Pack, everyone in charge is stupid and/or has bad taste in music. The five finalists?

1. Hey Baby - Bruce Channel
2. You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi
3. Song of the South - Alabama
4. I Won’t Back Down - Tom Petty
5. Start Me Up - Rolling Stones

Suite. Jeebus. Does any of that — Stones maybe aside, inspire? And beach music at a football game with the intent of pumping the crowd up is just repugnant enough to make me sell my season ticket back. Just grow up and play “Thunderstruck” already. Or “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Whatever. Same difference.