Tiki ‘Booted’ By NBC; Wife Laments ‘Low-Balling’

Emily Smith and Dan Mangan of the NEW YORK POST report today that Tiki Barber, amidst charges from “heavily pregnant” wife Ginny that he’s “low-balling” her on child support, has been dumped by NBC’s “Today” show:

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A source told The Post that the “Today” show has booted Tiki as a high-priced correspondent amid fallout from the scandal.

Representatives for both NBC and Tiki refused to comment on that claim.

The Manhattan divorce suit cites Barber’s “adultery”, with wife Ginny “also outraged that Tiki has been low-balling her in out-of-court negotiations over financial support, a family friend said.

“Tiki refused to give her anything close to what she needs,” the friend said. “The reason she filed is that settlement talks didn’t work.”

The 35-year-old Barber first began his reported affair with Johnson while she was still a student in college, and the two now live together in a midtown Manhattan apartment - where Barber was spotted on Monday.

Traci’s torrid romance began even before Ginny, a former fashion publicist, became pregnant with twins last summer, and that Tiki has lavished Johnson with expensive gifts, clothes and dinners.

A Barber spokesman refused to answer whether Tiki had visited Ginny in the hospital last week.

What I find most appalling about this situation, if true, is that Barber’s is conducting the affair while his wife is about to give birth to their twins. It’s one thing to not be there for the wife of your unborn twins, it’s another to cause her undue stress by carrying out a highly-publicized extramarital affair just before she gives birth.