NBC Hopes To Cook Up Football Fun w/New Book

Are you ready for some football? And are you ready to enjoy some grilled gridiron cuisine & tackle some tasty turf-inspired snacks?

Well, we have just the thing for you - a Sunday Night Football cookbook!

Sunday Night Football cookbook

(The NBC Peacock tried unsuccessfully to have all poultry recipes removed)

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY serves up the news that NBC Sports has teamed up with Time, Inc., to create a literary work combining food & football. The cookbook is expected to hit stores next month with a suggested retail price of $27.95. Although that might seem a bit steep for directions on how to make nachos, all proceeds from the book sales will apparently go to charity.

So, what culinary delights await readers?

The cookbook, which lists John Madden and Faith Hill as authors, will have more than 150 recipes from players, NBC talent and chefs such as Bobby Flay.

That’s right - Emeril’s “BAM!” meets Madden’s “BOOM!”

Recipes will focus on all of the league’s teams and markets, from a Tequila chicken from Phoenix to a chocolate dessert from Charlotte. Packers QB Brett Favre, NBC’s Jerome Bettis and Pro Football HOFer Carl Eller are among the current and retired players who will contribute recipes.

We hear that Favre’s contribution is a cheese turnover that you think is done cooking, but it’s still not ready to come out & has to go back into the heat. Meanwhile, Carl supposedly cooks up a mean serving of beer-battered cop … er, carp.

And if such meals are too much for one stomach to take, Jerome can offer the best facilities for finding digestional relief.

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