NBC Reenacts ‘Tom Brady’ Killing His Gay Lover?

Well, a New York-based TV network can at least pretend, right? On a recent episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a popular quarterback who wears No. 12 and dates a foreign supermodel was convicted of murdering his secret gay lover.

Tom Brady, fictionalized on Law & Order

No, it’s not No. 12-wearing, supermodel-dating Tom Brady. Nice guess, though! It’s fictional No. 12-wearing, supermodel-dating Lincoln Haver. Totally different people, notes THE BOSTON HERALD. Because, Brady didn’t kill his secret gay lover. Haver did.

The episode was about an investment banker who died, and after some mighty fine detective work, it was discovered that he loved football, and one certain football player named Lincoln Haver loved him back. SVU detective Chris Meloni discusses this with his colleague:

“Lincoln Haver is gay?” says one investigator incredulously. “I thought he was dating Natasha Gorski, that hot supermodel.”

Answers Meloni: “You can’t blame Lincoln for having a beard. This gets out, his career’s over.”

(SPOILER ALERT) The show ends up with the quarterback getting convicted for the murder, even though he actually didn’t do it.

Law & Order: SVU, like its parent show, has a reputation for dramatizing actual cases to the nth degree. But the official word out of the NBC headquarters, via spokesman Amanda Ruisi, is: “NBC has no comment … L & O is fiction.”

…or is it? [DUN DUN!]