NBC Age Of Love Hooks Up Mark Philippoussis With 48 Year Old Cougar

PHILIPOUSSIS PICKS 48-YEAR-OLD ON NBC REALITY SHOW: NBC’s “Age Of Love” reality exercise spotlighting pro tennis burnout Mark Philippoussis is apparently a ratings hit. The first week produced seven million viewers, and Week Two produced similar numbers.


That news comes despite the tired premise of the show, which is designed to find the (essentially career-less) 30-year-old Philippoussis a girlfriend. The hook: Half the field is 20-somethings and 50% is older broads. A LOT older in some cases.

A network source tells SbB today that NBC execs weren’t exactly sold on the idea but have been pleasantly surprised: “They were afraid it would be a blowout with the 20s girls easily beating the 40s, but it’s been a pretty fair fight with some of the older women being very competitive in the game.


Indeed, as the DETROIT NEWS notes, “Each time one of these beautiful and youthful-looking hot mommas marched up, introduced herself and revealed her age, Philippoussis looked like he’d vomited in his mouth. But as the show went on, Philippoussis changed his tune and started to really dig his older suitors — one of which, Jennifer, has a son his age.

To further complicate things, the producers waited until Philippoussis bonded with the women before revealing the other half of his dating pool on the show — a set of hotties in their 20s — for a catty battle of young vs. old.

Age Of Love

SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports that “on last night’s episode, “Jennifer”, whose occupation is listed as Executive Assistant to the Owner of the Lakers, was chosen by Philippoussis to continue as one of the 40-something bachelorettes on the show next week.

How did the dignified older lady do it? By winning an on-camera chicken fight against the younger women in a swimming pool. Seriously.

Jerry Buss Is A Lecher

If you think that has Lakers Owner Jerry Buss upset, you would be completely, dead-ass wrong. As everyone knows at SoCal Spearmint Rhino locations, Buss only *dates* barely legal teenies.