NBAer Malik Sealy’s Killer: Arrested for DWI Again

Souksangouane Phengsene, the drunk driver of the pickup truck that struck NBA player Malik Sealy’s SUV in 2000 and killed Sealy, was arrested again Sunday morning for DWI in Hennepin County, MN. It is his second arrest for DWI since his conviction for vehicular homicide following the 2000 crash. He was sentenced to four years in prison for that offense.

Malik Sealy

Sealy was killed while driving home from Kevin Garnett’s birthday party in 2000 when Phengsene struck Sealy’s SUV head-on. Phengsene was driving the wrong way down Minnesota 100 at the time.

Sealy fancied himself an actor as well as a ballplayer, earning a large role in the Whoopi Goldberg movie, Eddie. His father acted as a personal bodyguard for Malcolm X; Malik Sealy was buried in the same cemetery as the fallen civil rights leader.

Phengsene’s 2006 conviction for DWI ended with a stay of a six-year sentence and a year in a state workhouse with other conditions attached.