NBA Won’t Punish Ref Calling Vince Carter “Boy”

Vince Carter doesn’t mind terribly anymore if you call him soft, cursed with a low pain tolerance, focused on self, unmotivated by basketball, or that he will play at less than his maximum effort in order to leave Canada.  He either accepts them as canards he can’t avoid or as true.  However, he would like it very much if NBA referees would not call him “boy”.

Vince Carter

Still, the NBA will not punish VC or Derrick Stafford, the referee that double-T’d Vince and sent him home for the evening a bit early, for any misunderstanding that may have arisen from the tossed word and Vince’s rather angry response, requiring two people and then a security escort to remove him from the premises Wednesday in Detroit.

Thankfully, there was no history of racially-tinged violence in The Palace, so there was no reason to recall any past events there.

Stafford, who is also African-American, apologized through spokespeople and the gentlemen will sit down soon and air out their grievances under the watchful eye of Mr. Stern. Carter didn’t seem too concerned about the lack of punishment for Stafford:

I’m tired of hearing about it, because it’s not a big deal … It’s pretty much over and done with. Whatever their ruling is, you have to live with it.  It’s just one of those things.

It’s not the first time an African-American referee has been accused of calling an African-American player “boy”, though the last recorded account came from last year’s NFL season.

And though there’s still a lot of work America can do with its youth to avoid racist Facebook nonsense from its amateur football players, at least it’s not Europe.

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