NBA To Get “Re-Ostertagged”? (Is That A Word?)

Quick: who’s #4 on the Utah Jazz’s all-time list of most games played? It goes John Stockton, Kark Malone, Mark Eaton, and… well, you probably already read the headline and figured it out. It’s one of the largest, slowest players in NBA history: the one, the only Greg Ostertag!

Arvydas Sabonis Greg Ostertag
(Awww, why are the glacial white guys playing against each other? They should be teaming up! When are we going to stop doing this to each other?)

We bring him up not because we merely like celebrating the dinosaurs of the league - though we do enjoy that - but because the Ostertag Era may not be over just yet. Despite not having played in years (and not having been especially productive while actually playing), Ostertag’s got his eyes on a comeback, right in his native land of Texas.

Per the DALLAS MORNING NEWS, Ostertag’s really always just wanted to be a Maverick:

Duncanville native and former Utah Jazz center Greg Ostertag said Monday that he would love to make an NBA comeback after three seasons in retirement and Dallas is his dream destination.

The Mavericks’ obvious hole on the roster? A backup center to Erick Dampier.

“Everyone knows how bad I’ve wanted to play in Dallas,” Ostertag said. “I grew up there. They were my favorite team growing up. I’d play there in a second. … That would be the ultimate way to end my career.”

As Mavs enthusiasts know, there’s nothing Mark Cuban likes to do more than overpay for bad free agent centers; look at the money he’s thrown at Dampier, Raef LaFrentz, DeSagana Diop, and other stiffs.

But that fact may not be a good omen for Ostertag. After all, the centers Cuban overpays for are valued free agents; Ostertag’s not thought of as an asset by, well, anybody at this point; if he were, he’d have been signed at some point over the last few years.

Furthermore, Mark Cuban is on the Internet, and if he wants to be reminded what Greg Ostertag’s “highlights” look like, well…

(Yes, Greg Ostertag has his own mix tape of getting posterized. Or, should we say, “Postertagged.”)

Apologies for the quality, but remember that video on Internet was hardly high-quality back then. That, in fact, should tell you how long it’s been since Ostertag was relevant. Hell, Kobe still had hair.