A First: Your Official Text Messenger Of The NBA

Disgraced former Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson has found his services much in demand in the professional circuit since resigning from the Hoosiers in February after being charged for five major recruiting violations.

Kelvin Sampson NBA Phone

First, the Spurs brought him on in a consulting role for two months. Now new Milwaukee Bucks coach Scott Skiles is looking at Sampson to join his staff as an assistant, according to ESPN.“But further sanctions against Indiana and/or Sampson are possible in mid-June when the school’s basketball program is subjected to a face-to-face examination in Seattle from the NCAA’s infractions committee.”

Sampson plans on appealing any of those possible sanctions. Even if they were upheld, they would only apply to college teams trying to hire him. See how he defies you, NCAA! Sampson is outside your purview in the pros. Now he bend the ear of all the high school prospects he likes. Maybe even deflect them to Indiana for their requisite one year in college.