NBAer Invited To Game, Is Cuffed For Trespassing

It hasn’t been a fantastic last year or so for New Jersey Nets rookie forward Sean Williams. Sure, he was drafted 17th overall in the NBA this past summer, but, um, it was by the Nets, so that sucks. New Jersey is currently 24-30 on the season and not a serious threat for the postseason this season or in the near future. Not only that, but pundits were a little surprised Williams had gone that early, considering he had been kicked off the BC campus, then the basketball team for sundry offenses, not the least of which was enjoying that hippie lettuce. Plus he’s barely even playing.

No Trespassing
(Had it only been this obvious.)

But all that disciplinary history’s just that, right? Certainly, all is forgiven and forgotten if Williams is invited back to the epic BC-Duke game last weekend as a “VIP Guest,” right? What’s that? Oh, he’s still banned from campus? Under penalty of arrest? Oh, this is going to get awkward.

[Williams’ attorney Howard] Fisher said an assistant coach at BC, who he has spoken with but declined to identify, provided Williams, 22, and a guest with “complimentary seats” to Sunday evening’s Eagles game against the Duke University Blue Devils.

Williams was arrested shortly after 4:30 p.m. outside a campus garage on Commonwealth Avenue as he headed to Conte Forum. Police said he tried to walk away from them and they threatened to pepper-spray him “if he continued to act unruly or resist,” their report states.

Quick aside: has anyone ever put pepper spray onto, like, mashed potatoes or chili? Would that be good, or what’s the deal with that stuff? Does it have real peppercorns? We don’t get many riots where I’m from. I digress.

Williams evidently wasn’t sprayed, but he was arrested, and you can just imagine how thrilled he was about that.

Described by Boston College police as “belligerent,” Williams allegedly signed “(Expletive) you” on a fingerprint card and a trespass warning while being booked, according to an incident report obtained by the Herald.

Hahahahaha! That’s not his real name at all! Boo-ya!

Williams is evading awaiting arraignment as he gallivants around America with the Nets, which doesn’t amuse prosecutors at Boston College. To that, Williams offers his name once again. Y’know, for the record.