NBA Preseason: Coach Won’t Leave After Ejection

Pini Gershon, coach of Euroleague team Maccabi Tel Aviv, did the impossible today: he got me to mention a Knicks preseason game.

Pini Gershon Refuses To Leave Court At Knick Game

(Love the wink)

After picking up his second technical foul of the game between the clubs this afternoon at MSG, Gershon refused to leave the court. The game was halted when the officials noticed Gershon continuing to “linger near Maccabi’s bench.”

When the replacement refs couldn’t get him to leave, a rabbi entered the scene. Really.

“I explained that this is not a regular game and the kids are watching and [it’s] important that there will be peace and forgive him,” Rabbi Yitchak Dovid Grossman said of his discussions with the officials. “If you forgive him, I can speak to the children and say, ‘You also forgive. If you have a fight, you forgive.’ But he says this is the law, that you must obey.”

So the rabbi asked the refs to “forgive” Gershon and allow him to stay. Maybe the rabbi should talk to Redskins fans today.

The coach eventually was escorted out after “a lengthy discussion with the referees, his assistant coaches and NBA security personnel. A security official said Gershon told them he didn’t care if the game was stopped before he eventually agreed to leave.

Gershon said he didn’t care if the game was stopped? He’s got some company on that one.