NBA Players All A-Twitter About Latest Technology

Ever since Shaq shouted out to any of his Twitter followers while eating at a local diner, Twittering has taken the NBA by storm. More and more ballers are making their way to sign up & take part in the latest social e-fad.

Shaq Twitter friend

(Shaq with a newly-found Twitter friend)

Of course, some players are already taking their Twittering a bit too far, such as Charlie Villanueva, who’s texted during halftime of a game, and also spilled the beans about UConn coach Jim Calhoun’s health status. Still, it appears that Twitter is becoming a permanent part of the NBA landscape - until a new & cooler social technology comes along.

So, what other pro b-ballers are sharing their thoughts through Twitter?

Lang Whitaker of SLAM ONLINE runs down a lengthy list of NBA stars & scrubs and what they’ve been telling the world. Some of the more amusing users:

Tyson Chandler is well worth following. He not only tweeted throughout the trade deadline, when he was sent to Oklahoma City and then sent back, but he also gives little details from his personal life that are pretty funny….

So my wife bought 2 Britney Spears tix the only 1’s available were the V.I.P experiment …So guess who had 2 go? I’m standing in line …

Chris Bosh is also a very regular tweeter, though he’s mostly used Twitter to promote projects he’s working on. Though not always…

Having the team over my house for dinner. My mom and folks threw down!

Mark Madsen is a regular Twitter updater, though he somehow has fewer followers than I do (then again, I don’t play on the L-Wolves). He says he likes “basketball, cooking, whole wheat bread,” and he is attempting to raise his political profile…

@SenJohnMcCain Met you on an elevator in Philadelphia before the primaries…..thanks for the updates

Michael Finley just signed up but has already given us a gem:

Just sawSteve Nash stick a banana in a vitamin water bottle… Didn’t hear commercial, … just imagining what he

And what of the two hoopsters who helped the Twitter trend take off?

• The granddaddy of all NBA twitter users is Shaq, who has not only famously given away tickets through Twitter and had lunch with fans thanks to Twitter. Shaq’s currently approaching a mind-boggling 1,000 tweets.

Charlie Villanueva tweeted at halftime last week. But he also talks about trips to the grocery store…

Got back a while back, but I took a little nap. Whole Foods came thru. I always thought it was spelled with an ‘S’ at the end of Whole.

…and more recently started tweeting game at Kat DeLuna

@KatDeLuna Dimelo migente, lets get this Dominican connect going. I got some summer projects you’ll like. Palante! A quién contacto? Send DM

CV should tell Kat the next time he’s heading to Whole Foods. It’ll be easier to get the ingredients to make a romantic dinner for two.