Drop $60 For Leg Up On Grizzlies Cheer Hopefuls?

We consider it our duty as your humble blogger to monitor as many NBA cheerleader blogs as possible. It’s our burden, but we bear it as well as we can. However, while “doing research” last night, we came across an offer for Grizzlies Dance Team Workshops. At first, we thought it might be a quaint seminar like athletes do with kids all the time.

Memphis Grizzlies Dance Team 2007 tryouts

Then we saw the ad copy: “Want an advantage over the competition? Sign up for Workshops and Pre-Audition Classes. Classes are only $25 each or you can sign up for all four classes for $60 (a savings of $40).”

We sure hope this isn’t an intimation of any kind. “Gosh, if you really want to get a chance at being a Grizzlies Dancer, you really should get in on this class. We’d hate to see anything hold you back… and here’s how to get your Grizzlies Dance Team thetas clear…”

We’re genuinely baffled, probably through ignorance. We’d love to hear about this from current and former cheerleaders. (No, not private lessons blah blah eye waggle blah blah; the comments below will do.) Why would you need special classes just before the auditions if you’re already good at your job? And do 3-4 sessions actually provide enough to get you the job?

If we’re being too cynical about upsells and budget balancing and the like, we apologize in advance. However, recent actions by current management have left us that way.