NBA Fan Tossed For Gambling Comments To Refs

Brett Edwards of AOL FANHOUSE dribbles over the story of an NBA fan who was kicked out of a game for making gambling comments to the refs.

Tim Donaghy gambling graphic

As the Clippers hosted the Warriors back on March 19, a courtside fan at Staples Center directed some Vegas-style suggestions to ref Joe Forte, telling him to “make sure the game’s over 218 points.”

It may have been a humorous swipe at former fellow ref Tim Donaghy, but Forte wasn’t laughing.

As the self-admitted intoxicated fan described on his YouTube page, he kept yelling “The Over!” over and over to Forte, who finally called security and had the drunken fan ejected.

Broadcast of the actual ejection as shown on FSN Prime Ticket:

In an odd occurence (or maybe not), the final score was 116-100, for a total of 218 points - 2 points under the over.

That’ll show those drunks.