NBA Draft Review Michelle Wie Doing Bad

• Feeling Drafty: THE STARTING FIVE runs down every single selection from last night’s NBA pick’em contest:

Joakim Noah David Stern

• WBRS SPORTS BLOG wonders what Danny Ainge has to do to get canned from the Celtics.

• D.C SPORTS BOG pities the fool who won’t enjoy the upcoming mohawks of Wizards pick Nick Young.

• THE FEED is touched that Tony Gonzalez loves you (in a legally non-binding sense).

• AOL FANHOUSE believes Michelle Wie needs a time out from tee times:

Michelle Wie

• Tracy Ringolsby of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS offers an amusuing anectdote for new Mr. 3000, Craig Biggio: He’s also reached first base 1,435 times *without* a hit.

• ONE MORE DYING QUAIL wonders why every baseball moment on ESPN (like Biggio’s 3,000th) has to somehow relate to the Yankees.

• RUMORS AND RANTS knows the English can make a good steak & kidney pie, but why can’t they make a Wimbledon champ?