NBA Dives Into Basement Dweller Demograpic With League Branded Area Of Second Life

NBA TARGETS BASEMENT DWELLERS DEMO IN SECOND LIFE: SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL reports the NBA now has its very own league-branded area of Second Life (a game where people create new identities in a virtual world). David Stern held a virtual press conference yesterday within Second Life to announce the venture (uh, I wish this was a joke, but it isn’t):

David Stern Second Life

The turnip-shaped NBA Commissioner said, “We have to be there [in Second Life] because that’s where people are congregating. Our job is to be ubiquitous.

Stern also said the NBA area will be policed and remain “PG” (Second Life includes adult content). Stern: “Anyone who misbehaves will be subject to discipline by the Commissioner’s avatar.” No I know this is the real deal.

NBA Finals Second Life

The NBA area will include interactive “virtual versions of the NBA Jam Session, NBA Store and a typical NBA arena.

I’ll give you an opinion on Second Life just as soon as I meet someone above ground who participates (SBJ report claims six million people participate). And I must say that the most unrealistic part of the concept so far is that NBA reporters in the virtual world have shapely posteriors:

NBA reporters Second Life

SBJ also notes “WNBA content will also be available in the Second Life NBA Headquarters. Of particular interest to NBA execs is the 40% female participation in Second Life.

Just one problem with that: Women don’t watch the WNBA.