NBA Cheerleaders Also Feeling An Economic Pinch

• The economic squeeze is being felt on the Denver Nuggets cheerleaders, as they’re now only being brought in to work weekend games.

Denver Nuggets Dancers

(Looking for a handout?)

Fortunately, the Nuggets Dancers (above) are still fully employed - for now.

• One more reason not to care about the WBC: The U.S.A. is D.O.A.

• It’s good when an NFL player wants to mop up a mess. It’s not good when said mop is used to attack the mother of said player’s children.

• Probable #1 MLB pick already repped by Scott Boras. This should go well.

• Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez once threw out the first pitch at a Mets game. Wonder what Fidel Castro would have blogged about that?

Singh-a-long: After covering a NHL game in Punjabi, the CBC enlists the same duo to broadcast a Raptors game in the same Indian language.

• Ay caramba! Lance Armstrong taken to hospital after crash in Spain.

Curt Schilling calls it quits - and says his goodbye by way of his blog.

• It’s bad news for this March Madness fan who was hoping to spread the good news of John 3:16.

• What made Manny Pacquiao turn to a career in boxing? Running away from home after his father ate his dog.