Austria Harbors Nazi War Criminal At Euro 2008

Yes, the man that ranks fourth on the Nazi-hunters’ hit list was spotted in Austria, taking in some futbol instead of standing trial for war crimes committed during World War II.

Asner nazi war criminal

So how did authorities manage to extradite Milivoj Asner to Croatia to stand trial?

They didn’t.


Mr Asner, 95, who now lives a quiet and undisturbed life in Klagenfurt, Austria, has been seen taking leisurely walks, sipping wine with his wife Edeltrat and mingling with Croatian football fans prior to the matches of his country’s national team.

But Austrian authorities have refused to deliver Mr Asner, claiming that he is unfit for a trial due to his advanced age and the onset of dementia.

Obviously this diagnosis is under some dispute:

Efraim Zuroff, the head of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, which tracks down Nazis around the world, told The Telegraph that the pictures and videos of Mr Asner circulating indicated that he was perfectly fit for a trial and that Austrian authorities were lenient towards cases like his.

“The pictures and the videos clearly show that Mr Asner is in a relatively good health and that he could be brought to justice for.” said Mr Zuroff.

“There is no statute of limitations for what he did. If Austria is to dispel the notion that it is a paradise for Nazi criminals, it needs to act now.

“I will point that out to the Austrian Justice Minister following the new revelations about Asner.”

Good to know that Austria, a nation literally divided during World War II, has finally made up its mind about harboring war criminals. It’s amazing that the hooligans at the game didn’t just ignite the guy on sight and toss him onto the field to burn.

Atrocities aside, one wonders how much good would be done by putting a 95-year-old man on trial. If he wants to attend a soccer game, really, shouldn’t that be punishment enough?