Navy Trashes Army, Cadets Trash Naval Academy

There’s nothing like a good prank to fire up a rivalry. Unless the rivalry has turned into a one-sided mess. Case in point: UCLA students getting the jump on Rivalry Week by painting Tommy Trojan powder blue in mid-November, only to see the Trojans get their revenge by thumping the hapless Bruins 28-7 on Saturday to clinch another Rose Bowl berth.

Army trashes Navy

But when it comes to students outdoing the efforts of their football team in taking a stand against their rivals, the winners have to be the Army cadets. Yes, even with their camouflage uniforms, the Army football team was trounced by Navy 34-0, their seventh straight loss to their bitter rivals. But WTOP-TV says their cadets pulled off the type of stunt that it is at once awe-inspiring and worrying: using a military helicopter to dump thousands of pieces of “propaganda” on the Naval Academy campus.

And of course they documented it on video, which is after the jump:

First off: Al Gore just wept thinking about all the trees that were killed. I’m not under any delusions that protecting the environment is high on the list of priorities at West Point, but this seems a bit excessive.

But on top of that - keep in mind that the helicopter used was a military craft. Meaning that those were your tax dollars at work making thousands of pieces of paper that said “GO ARMY TRASH NAVY” littered the Naval Academy grounds. So I hope you enjoyed it. If I were Barack Obama and I saw this video, the first line item I’d look to slash in the budget would be “office supplies at West Point.”

But let’s be honest, if you could use an Army helicopter to dump nasty notes on your rival’s fans, you would totally do it. Or actual trash. Or pig’s blood.