Nats’ Pre-Game Marred By Violence. Errr, Violins

You might think that there’s absolutely no reason to ever go to a Washington Nationals game unless you lose a bet or need to hide from someone of discerning taste. And normally, you’d be exactly right.

Baseball bat violin
(Can I get a ruling on “Louisviolin Slugger”? Judges?)

But these are not normal times in Washington, even notwithstanding the new President changing everything or whatever. The Nationals have won eight straight games, which is enough to put them right back in the thick of the NL East race at 40-72, only 23 games out of first place (cough). If they win 49 of their next 50 games, why, who knows how far they’ll go.

Oh, and also some guy’s playing the national anthem with a baseball bat violin. High art, there. Video’s after the break.

Well, it was a valiant effort by the fans, but they had absolutely no chance of sticking with the song.

Also, and maybe it’s just me, but that whole talk-singing that really untalented “vocalists” do… do you think that’s better or worse than not singing at all? When it comes to the national anthem, I say it’s worse, to a point. Like, if the crowd’s going to be super-loud, it doesn’t matter if you’re not even in the same zip code as the key, it’s going to sound awesome. To wit:

(Tell me you didn’t get goose bumps. If you didn’t, you’re not human.)

But if you’re just mumbling the words, hell, forget it. Unless any of you think the half-interested fans there somehow made the bat-violin video better. Exactly.