2008: Snazzy Earplugs En Vogue At Nats Games

The DC SPORTS BOG discovers that Washington Nationals fans can vote at MLB.COM for what song their team will play through the loudspeaker during the 7th inning stretch, after home runs, and after victories.


(Seriously, has Blur done ANYTHING besides that one song?)

There don’t seem to be too many outlandish choices, because one of the home run song choices is Blur’s “Song 2″ (the one that goes “Woo Hoo!” And I’m not talking about the car whistles, so sit down Bubb Rubb). And here’s my question: why no text message-to-vote option?

(Not that I want to text message anything ever, for SMS is the devil’s telegraph, but the Nats could make a killing on fans text messaging their favorite song choice. Better yet, just have them text message what their favorite number is, for no reason. They’d do it, too. Sheep. Okay, where was I?)

But as we all know, agreeing on music is like asking people to agree on pizza toppings. (Everyone always agrees!) And if they pick, say, the Blur song for the home run, those people content with the selection will probably have it on their iTunes. Those who are absolutely sick of that song will probably try to stab their own ears with tuning forks, and text message their friends about it.