Nate VanArenDonk’s VanArenDunk Moves Game

Fox 17 in Detroit reports this week that a local high school basketball playoff had to be moved to another venue in the third quarter because of this:

Nate VanArenDunk

During the third quarter of the Grand Haven vs. Rockford regional game at Grandville High School, 6″9″ senior center Nate VanArendonk went up for a slam dunk and came down with glass.

VanArendonk shattered the backboard, sending thousands of tiny pieces of glass to the floor. The game was postponed for about thirty minutes until athletic directors and officials decided to continue the game somewhere else.

WZZM reports, “game officials tried bringing in an alternate backboard,” to no avail.

The game eventually moved to nearby Jenison High School.

Fox 17 has a quote from Grandville Athletic Director Brian Parsons: “You try to plan for everything, but you just can’t. We’ll get the game finished and get everyone moved and get things worked out.

Great timing with Nike’s VanArendunks set to hit stores any day now.