Golf Babe Gulbis Denies Toning Down Sexy Image

YOU ARE ONCE AGAIN FREE TO STARE AT NATALIE G.’S A**: Last week we reported that a Richmond, VA., public relations firm had been hired by the hottest woman in sports, Natalie Gulbis, to effectively tear down her sex symbol status.

Natalie Gulbis

Well, we’ve never been so happy to print a correction in our lives, as Craig Dolch of the PALM BEACH POST, bless his heart, now reports that Gulbis is “not trying to downplay (her) sexy image.”

Dolch recently asked Gulbis about previous statements from a hag at the Gulbis-hired PR firm - who claimed Natalie wanted to throw a burka over the sexiest body in paid athletic endeavor.

Natalie Gulbis

Gulbis: “That’s not true at all. I haven’t tried to tweak my image at all. I’ve been proud of everything I’ve come up with.

Natalie Gulbis Bikini Photos

More from Dolch: “Gulbis said what happened is a PR person for a Richmond-based branding agency that produces her calendar, Circle C Studios, overstepped her boundaries when she said Gulbis was trying to downplay her sexy image.

Natalie Gulbis bikini

Finally a female sports star (who is actually hetero hot) who is comfortable embracing her sexuality, and presents it in a tasteful manner. Natalie, you are officially our hero.