Natalie Gulbis Anna Kournikova Danica Patrick Dont Need To Be On Top To Score Financial Motherlode

SPORTS HOTTIES NEEDN’T BE ON TOP TO HIT MOTHERLODE: Darren Rovell reports that female athletes needn’t be on top to hit a financial motherlode - as he details the “O-fers” of some of women’s sports highest profile performers:

Anna Kournikova Nude Photo

• Anna Kournikova: O-for-122 in WTA singles events
• Michelle Wie: O-for-40 in LPGA and PGA events
• Danica Patrick: O-for-31 in IRL events

Michelle Wie Natalie Gulbis Lindsay Lohan Danica Patrick

Natalie Gulbis: O-for-138 in LPGA events:

Natalie Gulbis Hits Fan With Golf Ball

Rovell points out that despite those shutout streaks, all four female athletes have raked in countless millions in endorsement and cheesecake calendar sales. In her heyday, Kournikova made $15M per year in endorsements.

In contrast, probably the most notorious O-fer in sports history belongs to Bob Buhl, who went O-for-70 at the plate for the entire 1962 MLB season.

Bob  Buhl Andy Rooney eyebrows

With all the drought-born dough flying around these days, you would’ve thought the least Buhl could’ve scored was a free eyebrow-waxing.