Natalie Gulbis Accepts Trump’s “Apprentice”ship

Having been beaten back to the border fence by legal and political forces for trying to require English competency in her players, LPGA commissioner Carolyn Bivens’ ladies will have to revert to old standbys to keep the league in the public’s eye: Donald Trump’s loins.

Natalie Gulbis

(Quick quiz: What languages does she speak?  Do you care?  Are you even reading this now? Exactly.)

Natalie Gulbis, somehow expert at the ways of public relations despite a sub-par 2008 season thus far, has managed to secure a spot in this season’s “Apprentice”, according to El Trump Primero himself.  We expect that marketing savvy is exactly what drew Trump to young Ms. Gulbis.  NBC has yet to confirm, but has Trump ever lied to us?

Right.  Anyway.

We appreciate that Trump and an LPGA starlet would find much in common.  After all, casual television viewers may flip through the channels and find themselves mildly surprised to see both “The Apprentice” and the LPGA are both on television before watching for a few minutes, shrugging, and flipping the channel to find people that can speak English.

(Okay, that’s not fair.  Trump’s toupee is fluent in four languages.)

And for those shrewd enough to notice Gulbis may not exactly be selling herself on the basis of her golf skills, we also suggest language fluency may not be a direct measure of golf skill.  When you decide if you’re selling a sport or an entertainment show with sports undertones, let us know.  We’ll grade your efforts appropriately.