NASCAR Owner’s Daughter Charged With DWI

New proof that the self-entitled daughters of wealthy sports owners shouldn’t be allowed in public with out official escorts: NASCAR owner Bruton Smith’s daughter, Anna Lisa (sounds about right for a NASCAR daughter, doesn’t it), has been charged with driving while impaired and driving with a revoked license, according to the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER. The charges stem from this horrific accident that occurred last week.

anna lisa smith

Of course, the immediate question is, “why was the daughter of an opulent NASCAR owner driving drunk in the first place?” Clearly, her father could have paid to have her chauffeured anywhere she wanted. Hell, he could have paid a NASCAR driver to take her anywhere she wanted. After all, this is a man who owns about half the tracks that NASCAR uses. If he gets pissed off and doesn’t want them to use his tracks, guess what? NASCAR isn’t racing.

But no, Anna Lisa wanted to drive herself, and this isn’t the first time. See, Anna Lisa was preparing for a trial where charges of speeding and driving while her license was revoked were going to be brought against her. And why was her license revoked? Without having access to her complete police report, we’re betting it has something to do with A) speeding, or B) driving while intoxicated. Call it a lucky guess.

Clearly, prior offenses weren’t nearly as egregious as Smith’s most recent run in, an accident which threw her 40 feet from her car, which was a good 200 feet off the road in a horse pasture in Huntersville, N.C.

Smith is still in critical condition, which is a real shame for multiple reasons. First of all, she was anything but hard on the eyes. But equally important, she was about to join an NHRA Top Fuel team, where she could jockey for auto racing eyeballs on the late-night weekend screens of ESPN. That sport needs all the good mojo it can get after a horrific death on the track last year, and Smith would have been a feel good story with more than ample resources to win events, perhaps going where Danica Patrick hardly has; victory lane (yes, before anyone gets mad, we know that there’s a huge difference between drag racing strips and 300-500 mile races. But guess what? They’re all part of auto racing. Get over it.).

Safe to say, that isn’t happening anytime soon. For that matter, Smith isn’t going to be driving anytime soon, for health or legal reasons. For everyone, not least of all Bruton Smith and NASCAR, that’s probably a good thing.