Nantz Upset At Being ‘Ridiculed’ Over Divorce

Jim Nantz to Golf Magazine about the coverage of his divorce:

Lorrie Nantz Photos Jim Nantz Divorcing Has a 29 Year Old Girlfriend

“I feel like the whole thing was so misrepresented. It’s really hard to believe what came out publicly and how salacious it sounded. It left me feeling really distrustful of everything I read or hear.

I heard people I’m close to speculating on the radio about the divorce and ridiculing and laughing about some things that were written that just weren’t true. I thought, ‘Gosh, you know me better than that. I would never do that. How could you do this? Where is the sensitivity?’”

Where is the sensitivity? I wonder if Nantz’s wife was thinking that when she found out about his 20-something mistress.

I can’t speak to the radio thing, which I’m guessing involved some New York hosts, but what exactly was written about Nantz’s divorce that wasn’t true?

There was no need to speculate on what was going on because all of the details of his behavior where either available in public court documents or came out of Nantz’s mouth during his divorce court proceeding.

Courtney Richards

(Nantz’s 29-year-old mistress Courtney Richards)

If Nantz is that upset about lies being spread about him and his family in the media, why isn’t he suing the offending reporters and publications?

What I’ve always found so interesting about Nantz is how opinionated and somewhat provocative he can be when guesting on radio shows like Imus. He’s actually an interesting guy with a little bit of an edge. Yet on CBS, he serves us pap with a side of milquetoast.

This is the first time Nantz has experienced serious, professional adversity in his life. Instead of admitting what he did was wrong and moving on, he’s prolonging the bad publicity by lashing out at people for treating him the way everybody in his situation gets treated.

Welcome to the wonderful world of accountability.