Names Of Phil Mickelsons Children Embroidered Into Charlotte PGA Tour Hotel Pillows And Towels

EMBROIDERY ENSURES MICKELSON’S PGA TOUR PRESENCE: 29 of the top 30 PGA Tour players tee it up today in Charlotte for the Wachovia Championship. With so many elite players skipping so many tour stops to focus on major tournaments, you might wonder how the North Carolina tourney draws so many of the current golfing greats.

Golf Embroidery

The CHARLOTTE OBSERVER has the answer, breathlessly reporting today that Phil Mickelson said this week “When we show up at the hotel, our kids have their names embroidered on the hotel pillows and towels“.

Phil Mickelson

But Wachovia Championship Director Kym Hougham tells USA TODAY, “We don’t do all those things, (local business hosts) do things for the players on their own.

Phil Mickelson

In Phil’s case, I would’ve thought it was the chocolate chip cookie (or three) on the pillow. And as far as the field goes, the secret formula likely involves assuring each player that his courtesy car will not be a Tiger Woods-endorsed Buick Rendezvous.