Namath Kid’s Car: 1/2 lb. Of Weed, Rum, 11 Beers

Joe Namath got a surprise this morning when he was informed that cops found 200.5 grams of marijuana in baggies in the trunk of his 19-year-old daughter’s car.

Oliva Namath Mugshot

The PALM BEACH POST reports:

She is charged with two counts of marijuana possession, including one with intent to sell, and with possession of alcohol by a minor.

Olivia Namath was pulled for speeding in Jupiter, FL., just after midnight this morning for doing 58 in a 50 (dude, what is that?) in a silver Mercedes.

In addition to the weed, which Namath denied any knowledge of despite being the only one with access to the trunk, cops also “discovered an opened bottle of Captain Morgan rum and eleven Miller Lite beer bottles.

Two men were also in the vehicle, with Olivia claiming they had no knowledge of the pot.

Unmarried Olivia gave birth to her first child last May, so perhaps in a weird way this could be a blessing. Clean up her act. Obviously it took dad a nationally televised drunk for him to get help. I think.

As this story was far from shocking, you might be wondering why I posted it. Actually I was flabbergasted by one thing, 58 in a 50 is just wrong.