Naked Ultimate Frisbee Now A No-No At Oregon

With the announcement of the NCAA recognizing beach, er, sand volleyball as a varsity sport, there might be hopes of other college club sports that could reach the same status. Like ultimate frisbee, for instance.

Oregon ultimate frisbee

And the University of Oregon has quite a good team, as the disc-throwing Ducks were on the verge of winning a national championship this season. However, their season was suddenly cut short.

The naked truth to the cancellation? They were playing naked.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that a five-member student board has voted to end Oregon’s ultimate frisbee season due to “conduct violations”. The Ducks have been in hot water since November, when police were called to a party involving more than 200 ultimate players - and the cops found “five kegs of beer and several minors hiding in the attic.”

But the last straw came during an April 11 tournament held at Oregon State. It was apparently such a pleasant day in Corvallis that some Ducks decided to play in the buff:

Since being placed on probation, the team has traveled with chaperones, team co-captain Steve Kenton said. The adult chaperones were present on the Saturday afternoon at Oregon State, when the club’s A and B teams, scheduled to play each other, decided to play a naked point — a ritual in Ultimate where one team plays without shirts and the other plays without pants or underwear.

A female trainer at the tourney wasn’t so thrilled with the frisbee flashing, so she sent a complaint to Oregon State’s public safety department, who sent a copy of the complaint over to Eugene. As a result, the Ducks’ chances for another national title appear to have been shot.

But the frisbee tossers aren’t throwing in the towel yet:

Team captains said they plan to quickly make a last-ditch appeal to the UO student government Senate. To qualify for the national tournament in Columbus, Ohio, the team must play at a regional tournament this weekend.

And it sounds like the frisbee team has some support:

At Monday’s meeting, team members read from a handful of more than 30 letters they had received from Ultimate coaches and players from across the nation, asking the committee to reconsider its decision.

Do you think the Ducks deserve another chance? Or should their goose remain cooked?