Naked Sunbather Arrested On English Golf Course

When shooting a few rounds on the local fairways, it’s always good to keep an eye out for any balls in the rough. Especially if they’re attached to a guy on the golf course who’s sunbathing naked.

Anna Rawson

(Unfortunately, we have don’t have a photo of said naked sunbather. So here’s a shot of a semi-naked Anna Rawson instead. Hope this suffices.)

MK NEWS reports that group of golfers at the Abbey Hill Golf Center in Milton Keynes, England, were playing the ninth hole, when they came across a large 22-year-old man “wearing just his socks, lying on the fairway at the ninth hole, with a dog standing by his side.”

How shocking! I didn’t know dogs were allowed on golf courses.

More from MK NEWS:

“He was in the middle of the fairway,” said General Manager, Gordon Forster. “The guys called the pro shop but he didn’t say anything at all.

“You could tell he was alive but he wasn’t going to move.”

The police were called at 8.30am and officers used a golf buggy to get across the course. However, when the man refused to move and became aggressive they had to call in back-up and he was eventually apprehended.

Although initially charged with indecent exposure & assaulting an officer, the nude fellow instead was “taken into care under the Mental Health Act.” Of course the guy’s crazy - he probably didn’t have the right SPF sunscreen on.

Still, the story is kind of a letdown. If there was news of naked people on the golf course, why couldn’t it have been Natalie Gulbis?

Natalie Gulbis bikini

Or Maria Verchenova?

Maria Verchenova

Or Blair O’Neal?

Blair ONeal

Or … well, you get the idea.