Steelers’ Dump Truck No Longer In Deep Doo-Doo

Steelers running back Najeh Davenport, renowned for his skills in hamper defecation, has recently gotten himself into some trouble for allegedly slapping and punching his baby momma, Anita Pearson. But now he can wipe his behind and his record clean, as he was acquitted of the misdemeanor charges of domestic violence, child endangering and unlawful restraint, the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports.

najeh davenport

“I never kicked her, hit her … punched her or slapped her, she’s making that up,” he told jurors.

But the dropping a deuce on her chest? Yeah, maybe that I did.

With some of the uneven assessing of penalties by Steelers’ management this offseason toward misbehaving players, it’d have been interesting to see how they dealt with Davenport should he have been convicted. Like the released receiver Cedrick Wilson, he’s a reserve, though a more valuable one than Wilson was.

But like the wrist-slapped James Harrison (”Silverback”), he has a cool nickname (”The Dump Truck”). Might’ve been a tough call.