Nadal Hates Menudo As Much As Everyone Else

Chances are, you don’t have much in common with Rafael Nadal. He’s a handsome, rich & successful tennis superstar, adored by fans all over the world. You, on the other hand, got excited last night because you found an old Hamm’s in the back of your refrigerator. But you can revel in the fact that you likely share at least one thing with the Spanish sensation: you both hate Menudo.

Rafael Nadal in Menudo

According to the NEW YORK POST, Nadal was getting some practice time in on Friday when Menudo began performing a sound check for their Kids Day concert. Nadal was so distracted and angry that, depending on who you believe, he either went to the sound booth and screamed for them to turn it down or had his manager do it for him.

First off, Menudo is back together? Why wasn’t I informed of this? I’m selling my New Kids on the Block tickets on eBay today so I can save up to buy seats to the Menudo show at my local swap meet, Indian casino or community center. Forget The Police or Led Zeppelin - this is the reunion event of 2008.

And I’m glad to see that the USTA really broke out the big bucks for Kids Day and brought in an act that kids today really relate to - I’m guessing Another Bad Creation was already booked?

But also, how loud could they have possibly been? We’re not talking about “The Who: Live at Leeds” here. More likely that Nadal was too engaged by the infectious rythyms and upbeat singing of the Latin supergroup to be able to concentrate on hitting. It’s hard to work on your ground strokes when your feet can’t step moving. Or maybe it was just that Ricky Martin was making goo-goo eyes at him and throwing him off.