Myspace is a Place For Friends, Murder Suspects

After a confusing conflagration of events surrounding a tragic death earlier this week in Omaha, former Nebraska running back Thunder Collins has now officially been charged with murder.

Thunder Collins Myspace Page

Steve Cofield of Yahoo Sports tipped me off to Collins’ Myspace page, and I’m happy to report that despite Collins’ being hauled into court this morning and jailed shortly thereafter, he’s somehow “Online Now!” on the page (as of 2:20p ET). Yeah, I know it might not be him, but I’m holding out hope that Myspace is now available at all Douglas County correctional facilities.  That should be fine for the inmates, so long as they keep filtering that disgusting SI porno.

I’ve spent all week reading about how Collins’ friends say he would never, ever be involved in murderous activities. And after looking through his somehow-public Myspace page (and fun photos after the jump), I’m now more than ever convinced that Collins is completely innocent of all charges. And future ones too.

Does this look like someone who would ever be involved in activities that aren’t completely mindful of regulations being enforced by his local, friendly, neighborhood peace officers?

Thunder Collins Myspace Page Photos

 (Don’t even think about profiling one of Frank Solich’s favorite sons)

Now if you excuse me, I’m off to visit one of Collins’ Myspace groups: “Pimps, Hoes and Pro’s.” (I’m hoping to hook up with some of the ’90s Cowboys chronicled by Jeff Pearlman.)

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