Myspace Account Of Boise States Ian Johnnson Making The Rounds

(MY)SPACE INVADERS DESCENDING ON BRONCOS: The upstart Boise State Broncos successfully took a projectile diarrhea dump on the college football establishment Monday night with their miraculous comeback victory over powerhouse Oklahoma.

Boise State Wins Fiesta Bowl

Before the victory, nobody outside the 208 area code knew or cared about the blue-carpeted bunch, but now the Broncos can count on plenty of increased attention.

Take for instance BSU running back Ian Johnson. He was one of the heroes for the Broncos during the season and on Monday night. After the win over OU, Johnson issued a well-publicized proposal on the field to his girlfriend, Bronco cheerleader Chrissy.

Ian Johnson Proposes Fiesta Bowl

Internet users who want a glimpse into the personal lives of the couple only have to log onto, where both have wide-open, public profiles. And of course, both accounts are now making the rounds on various college football message boards.

Ian Johnson Boise State

So if you’re interested in the couple’s Halloween pics (did Johnson go as Fantasy Island’s Mr. Rourke?), Johnson’s questionable grooming decisions and his bride-to-be’s teevee viewing habits (”lately yes dear is hillarious!! almost pee my pants funny!“), then knock yourself out.