Myers Off Radio, Pat O’Brien Back In The Game

One of the cool things about my career is I’ve been able to work with a lot of people who I grew up following in the media. ESPN SportsCenter was in its golden age when I was in college at the Univ. of Georgia and Chris Myers was O.G. back then, manning all the major stories, including narrating the O.J. bronco chase for the Worldwide Leader.

Chris Myers on NASCAR set

(Still weird seeing Myers (l) do NASCAR after all these years)

Fast forward a decade and I’m co-hosting an afternoon drive radio show with same dude in Los Angeles on the USC football flagship. Unlike a lot of prompter jockeys, Chris has an enormous-less ego, so it was good times.

I was doing that show with him when he first got the NASCAR gig. It certainly didn’t fit his career profile or personality, but to his credit he’s made it work. Pro.

Today Don Barrett of reports that Myers has now officially stepped away from his fulltime midday radio show at Fox Sports Radio because of a new NASCAR commit.

Showtime started a NASCAR show and Chris got hired as the main host of the show, which will run 40 weeks. This new commitment to Showtime requires Chris to be in Charlotte every Tuesday.

“When he signed up for this, Chris and his agent came to us and asked what we thought about Chris doing radio only two or three days a week,” said Don Martin, executive with Fox Sports Radio. “It isn’t conducive to good radio, but Chris loves radio and we want him to remain part of the show.

“Moving forward Chris will do a segment each day from location and then do CMI [Chris Myers Interview] on Saturdays and Sundays. We’re trying to work around his schedule because he would have no family time [Chris has two teenage boys] if he did a full radio show five days a week and then the races on the weekends.”

“We’re one organized unit in this Fox family right now,” Martin continued. “This will open a situation for me to find a partner for Hartman.” While this has been going on, Don has had Scott Ferrall, Sean Farnum, Pat O’Brien, and Lincoln Kennedy. “I’ve already heard from a number of people and now expect to hear from a gazillion more. It is a pretty nice gig for somebody – L.A. and the nation – and it pays pretty well.”

Yes, that’s the Pat O’Brien we all know. He’s currently a utility fill-in guy on FSR and if he hangs around long enough will probably get a fulltime shot. From what I’ve been told, by Pat himself and others, he’s been clean for awhile now. I’ve heard him a couple times and he sounds fine. Actually better than most of the FSR hosts because of his experience and contacts. But as a fulltime guy, not sure if he’d work.

When the Comcast/NBC merger goes through next year, wonder if Myers will get a big money call to anchor Versus’ answer to ESPN SportsCenter? Dick Ebersol will be running the show, so I wouldn’t rule it out.