My Former Colleague Bus-Under-Throws Himself

I would say that we’re all appalled by the Steve McNair-Sahel Kazemi skeleton display for Kings Island Ohio’s Halloween theme, but of course, that wouldn’t be true. If not for the Mark Whickers among us, AOL’s Clay Travis wouldn’t have his exclusive.

Steve McNair Skeleton Display

(My former colleague, Kings Island p.r. guy Don Helbig, botched this one) 

But to make matters worse the public relations guy for Kings Island, a past acquaintance of mine named Don Helbig, said of the display “There was no reference to Steve McNair at all. No jersey, nothing.”

Crap, Don.

I worked with Don when I was a broadcaster in the American Hockey League with the Carolina Monarchs, the Florida Panthers top minor league affiliate. Don was the media relations guy for the team. He was a nice, competent fellow who has a tendency to self-promote.

I haven’t spoken to Don in years, but come to find out today, via the world’s worst Halloween display, he’s the p.r. guy for Kings Island - a gig he apparently wrangled in part from riding one of its rollercoasters over 10,000 times.

So dude spends decades working his arse off, finally gets his dream job, and now this.

Yes, Don shouldn’t have lied about the display, but goodness knows he hasn’t exactly had a lot of experience being blindsided by the media over a colossal lack of judgement by a stray, dumbass fellow employee.

No excuse for what Don or Kings Island did, but Don doesn’t deserve to be fired. And perhaps that isn’t even a consideration. Just wanted to defend a friend who’s already paying a heavy price for his indiscretion.

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