My Erin Andrews Sandwich Dream Now Possible

Sports Halloween costumes are hard to do (unless you’re Baby Mangino). Going as your favorite player just entails wearing a uniform, which thousands of people do every day at games. Sure, you could throw on a Mike Vick uniform and carry around a stuffed dog, or a Jay Cutler uniform and go into diabetic shock every few minutes, but there’s not much creativity involved. Obviously the best thing to do is combine sports with slutty [noun], the choice costume of college girls worldwide. But how to do it?

Fake Erin Andrews

Courtesy of our friends at DEADSPIN comes the Erin Andrews Halloween costume, which, if anything, proves that pretty blonde UF coeds are a dime a dozen. Honestly, I’ll take the Indian American Gladiator.

I’m not quite sure why, but this costume is missing something. Obviously, Ms. Andrews doesn’t strut around in Florida gear or stripper heels, but I’m willing to let that go just this once.

The dog on the couch leering at her backside does add to the authenticity of the outfit, as half the stadium usually has their eyes on the sideline when prowled by Ms. Andrews.

No, the je ne sais quoi that is missing from this costume is something more substantial, and je pense que je sais what it is: while our comely trick-or-treater may have more under the hood than the real item, what makes Erin Andrews Erin Andrews is what’s in the trunk:

Erin Andrews