Musberger-Approved Tree Cutting Starts At Cal

THE WIZ OF ODDS has news that is either amusing or disturbing, depending on your proclivity for games of hacky sack: Cal officials started cutting down a grove of oak trees this week to make room for expanded sports facilities for the Bears athletic teams. Somewhere, Treebeard weeps.

Cal trees

You might recall the a group of protesters condemned the plans, since trees are living creatures too, maaannn. In fact, one tree has yet to be cut down since there are several people squatting in them. You might remember Brent Musberger’s considered opinion on their activities from last year.

No? Good thing video is after the jump!

Campus officials have given the tree-sitters three days to get out or else, but asĀ notes, they haven’t said what the “or else” is yet.

University spokesman Dan Mogulof says school officials want to make it difficult for the tree protesters to remain, although they do not want anyone to get hurt or to get into a confrontation.

“The last thing we want to do is to get to that forcible extraction,” he said.

So how will they “make it difficult” for the protesters to remain without just starting to cut the tree down and hoping they find a soft landing spot? Use air tankers to drop soapy water on the unwashed hippies in the trees? Maybe they could play a Phish live concert bootleg in the distance and hope they think it’s a reunion show and climb down

Actually, isn’t Adam Duritz from Counting Crows a huge Cal fan? Maybe they could convince them to give a “free concert” directly under the tree. I know for me, hearing “Mr. Jones” and “‘Round Here” over and over would be enough to drive me from any position, or do pretty much anything.

“Yes, I’ll give you the code to the US nuclear missile program, Osama, just STOP PLAYING “Long December!”

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