Much Like Economy, Westbrook Strapped For A$$

After the benching of Donovan McNabb yesterday, the Eagles are a team in turmoil. Yesterday against Balto, the club lost said quarterback and the game 36-7 - and running back Brian Westbrook nearly lost his pants:

Brian Westbrook pulled down by jock strap against Ravens

(Clay Aiken: Big fan of strapping jocks?)

Speaking of edited photos, remember that Natalie Nelson photo post last week?

The site JERSEY CHASER posted that if it got 101 “yes” replies in the comments area of its photo post of the USC Song Girl riding a mechanical bull, the site admin would publish the unedited version of the photo of Nelson.

USC Song Girl Natalie Nelson Rides The Bulls

Well I’ve got a deal for you, if I get 101 “no” replies in the comment area of this post, I will not publish the unedited version of the Westbrook photo.