MU: No Big 10, Wants Big 12 To ‘Hang Together’

Mike DeArmond of the KANSAS CITY STAR reported today:

Missouri Tweet

(From Columbia (MO) Daily Tribune today)

Missouri has not received an invitation to apply for membership in the Big Ten Conference, according to a member of the University of Missouri Board of Curators.

The Board of Curators are meeting today and during a lunch break, Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton had a very interesting exchange with Vahe Gregorian of the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH.

Mizzou chancellor Brady Deaton had just learned of the development when he arrived for lunch with the MU board of curators at the Reynolds Alumni Center.

“They’re a member of the Big 12, so the first thing I did was (pick) up the phone and call (Texas president) Bill Powers because right now he’s in the chair role of the Big 12,” Deaton said before being whisked away by handlers. “I wanted to chat with him about the implications of that.”

Between the likelihood of Nebraska leaving for the Big Ten and the fact that Texas and Texas A&M were meeting Thursday to discuss their own futures, the implications could mean the end of the Big 12.

“Anything could happen,” Deaton said. “Until it’s done, we’re working hard to hang together and move forward.”

Missouri was reportedly one of the schools given an ultimatum by the Big 12 to make its conference allegiance known by the middle of next week.

That ultimatum most likely led to the departure of Colorado to the Pac-10 earlier today and could lead to Nebraska soon leaving for the Big Ten.

With the confirmation that Missouri has not received an invitation to join the Big Ten, it appears that suddenly the school is doing all it can to patch up its differences with the rest of the Big 12 conference.

Otherwise, if MU Chancellor Deaton knew he had a Big Ten invitation in hand, why would he care about the Colorado move?

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