MTV’s “The Real World” Invades Capitals’ Practice

The Washington Capitals, despite not even making the Stanley Cup finals last season, are probably one of the two or three “hottest” teams in the NHL. And hey, with a player like Alex Ovechkin leading the charge, why not? The Caps don’t have the tradition of the Original Six by any stretch, but they’ve assimilated themselves into the current NHL about as well as any expansion team from the last 35 years.

Ty Capitals Real World
(Let’s just get this over with, pal.)

Case in point: even MTV’s getting in on the Caps’ high Q rating. To that end, the cast of The Real World, which is a much better name for a show than Hysterical Self-Centered Alcoholics On Camera, now includes an intern with the team. And oh yes, there’s plenty of bleeding through between the two. Did we say bleeding? We mean synergy!

As D.C. SPORTS BOG notes, the show came to practice today, and plenty of “giraffe-on-ice” hysterics ensued:

Today was Caps Media Fantasy Camp. There were print people and radio people and yes, TV people. NBC’s Lindsay Czarniak and Dan Hellie were there, with a cameraman. Fox 5’s Dave Feldman was there, with a cameraman. But one gent–whom none of the media vets recognized–came out later than everyone else, and with a five-person entourage, including one guy holding a boom mic. I mean, when you have more people behind you than Dave Feldman, you know you’re important. When asked where he was from, this guy said “Baltimore,” which wasn’t what we meant. When asked who they were with, one of the important people said they were “shooting a documentary.”

On one hand, it’s kind of nice that they weren’t playing the “EVERYONE STAND BACK AND ADMIRE BECAUSE WE’RE REAL WORLD AND WE’RE SERIOUS BUSINESS” card or anything. But still, you can’t just give one name as your identity - Ty, in this instance, was the young man’s name - or just say “we’re shooting a documentary,” and expect it to end there. Especially when this unfolds:

This fellow went through drills with other media members, taking faceoffs against Boyd Gordon, driving into the boards with Matt Bradley, and learning how to skate from backup backup backup goalie Brett Leonhardt. He told Bradley it was his second time on the ice, and indeed, when attempting to score during a breakaway drill against USA Today’s A.J. Perez, he fell full around to the ice, his helmet toppling off his head. During one of his faceoffs against Gordon, he kept drifting backward; “where am I going?” he asked the world.

Okay, we get it. He doesn’t know how to play hockey, but let’s have him waste people’s time with it anyway. Great. The story ends with Ty sitting in Ovechkin’s stall, something that should enthuse hockey enthusiasts about as well as if he’d said his favorite hockey player was “Wayne Gertsky” or if he’d pronounced the “R” in Mark Messier’s surname.

In other words, get ready, Caps fans; like the herpes infesting roughly 70-80% of the crotches of its cast, The Real World is going to get a hold of you this season and never let go, no matter how quickly you tire of them.