School Janitor Has Nude Cheerleader Phone Pics?

You know the Willie Nelson song, “Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”? Well, maybe he should write a sequel, “Mama, Don’t Let Your Daughters Grow Up To Be Cheerleaders”. Almost every day, another scandal surrounding cheerleaders and naked cell phone photos. The more disturbing twist today is that said photos were found on the cell phone of a middle school janitor.

cheerleaders cell phone

(Note to cheerleaders: Stop doing this!)

The man in question is one Steven Decimone, a janitor at Harding Middle School in Jefferson Couty, Ohio, just across the West Virginia border (big shock there, right?). According to the West Virginia paper THE STATE JOURNAL, Decimone is about to get better acquainted with bright orange jumpsuits because his cell phone was found to have naked photos of four topless, middle school cheerleaders.

As we mentioned before, this isn’t the first time that topless cheerleader photos have popped up on cell phones. Far from it. The difference is that this is the first time those cheerleaders have still been in middle school (i.e., 11-13 years old) and this is the first time said pictures have been found on a janitor’s cell phone.

The STATE JOURNAL article points out, in between horrendous grammar, the phone is being tested to determine whether the nudie pics were captured by the janitor himself or whether they were sent to him by someone else, either the students themselves or other students at the school. Regardless, as only writer Stacy Rich could have put it, the four photos most definitely depicted, “naked cheerleaders exposing their tops.” See, we still thought that upper torsos were called, “trunks”. Silly us.

tv janitor scrubs

(Yup. This man could be looking at naked pictures of your 11-year-old.)

Regardless, there are serious issues being raised here:

  1. Why are people taking nude photos with camera phones? Is everyone really so cheap that they can’t buy a digital camera? There’s no electronic paper trail with a Canon Power Shot, just you and your computer! Think people, think!
  2. How can a middle school janitor possibly be allowed close enough to a girls’ locker room during school hours (or after-school sports hours) to get nude shots of cheerleaders? Or, if that’s not the case,
  3. Is this recession really so bad that 11-13-year-old girls would see a janitor and think, “Man, I’ve got to land him! He’s got a job!”

All of these factors are contributing to a dumber America, that’s for sure. Then again, this is the border of West Virginia and Ohio, so maybe we’re just not casting a large enough net. After all, Seattle cheerleaders just send the photos to each other and their boyfriends.

cheerleader phone bag

(The first sign that Decimone was up to something he shouldn’t have been.)

Take note West Virginia and Ohio. Those students had a case, and now they’ve got a lawyer arguing for them on CBS’ Good Morning America. Decimone? He’s just screwed.