Move Over, Shaq: James Johnson Brings Da Funk

We’re big fans of Shaq. Have been for years. It’s not just that he’s been one of the most dominant players in NBA history, of course. It’s all the other stuff - the police raids, the White House pop-ins, the Twitterness, the David Beckham “feud”. Just as recently as last week, you warmed our hearts with your Conan O’Brien dance contest. We’ll always love you and your wacky, attention-whoring ways.

James Johnson Dancing

But while we hope you succeed at beating everyone at everything in your new, narcissistic reality show ventures, we’ve found a new favorite NBA player to watch and be entertained by. No, not Ron Artest. And jeez, no, of course it’s not Starbury. No, we’re talking about Bulls rookie James Johnson, who has assumed the crown - for now - of the awesomest player in the NBA. Not only is he an actual multi-discipline athlete - an undefeated kickboxer/MMA fighter -  he’s a dancing machine … who thankfully for us, showed off his breakdancing skills on YouTube.

(Video after the jump.)

All praise to SKEETS for bringing this video, first posted to YouTube last week, to our attention today:

We’re no experts, but we believe this is what they mean by “kickin’ it old school.” Sure, he might be just another off-sized power forward drafted by the team specializing in them, but to us he is pure awesomeness. Don’t you ever stop workin’ it, JJ. Dance on!

(HT: Ethan Jaynes of NESW SPORTS)

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