Mother of Vladimir Guerrero Happy To Cook For All

VLAD’S MOM GLAD TO COOK IT UP & HOOK IT UP FOR ALL: Watch out, Mrs. McNabb - here’s a sports mom who really knows how to cook:

McNabb Vlad Guerrero moms

The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER samples the scrumptions selections of Altagracia Alvino, mother to Angels star Vladimir Guerrero - and a maternal figure to many other MLB players from the Dominican Republic.

Alvino, who lives with Guerrero in his Anaheim home, cooks not only for her son, but teammates, coaches, and even players from opposing teams who miss the tempting tastes of their Republica Dominicana.

Vladimir Guerrero Mom

And it’s not just a once-a-week job - Alvino creates meals every day, filling tubs of Tupperware that Vladimir delivers to Angel Stadium before each night game, where he distributes the Dominican delicacies to whoever has a hunger for the haute cuisine.

Angels teammate Erick Aybar points out that it’s not just the Dominican players Alvino warms the bellies and hearts of. “She’s a mother to all. “She’s the same person for the Americans and everyone.”

Angels Stadium Trash

Considering the recent relevations of foul food findings at the Big A, Alvino may want to expand her operations from the clubhouse to the stands.