Moss’ WVU Jacket A Jab At Alma Mater Marshall?

During Game 7 of the Celtics-Cavaliers series, cameras caught Randy Moss among the Garden’s crowd. And the Pats receiver was seen styling a West Virginia University jacket. Problem is, Moss attended Marshall University. And the Huntington, WV, school has an intense dislike for the Mountaineers from Morgantown.

Randy Moss West Virginia University jacket

The CHARLESTON DAILY MAIL (via MJD of YAHOO’s SHUTDOWN CORNER & Mike Reiss of the BOSTON GLOBE) has the story on Randy’s offending Game 7 apparel. Some Marshall & WVU fans consider Moss’ choice of clothing similar to Jim Tressel throwing on a Michigan sweater vest or Pete Carroll putting on a UCLA jersey.

But Randy’s agent Tim DiPiero says don’t treat it as treason:

“He likes the school he went to and supports it more than WVU. But he follows WVU as well. Don’t read too much into it. He likes to wear all that fun stuff.”

In the meantime, DiPiero is getting a kick out of the replies:

“That was the first time I’ve seen him wear that. People are having fun with it. I’ve heard the WVU guys are giving the Marshall guys a hard time on the blogs. People at Marshall are saying, ‘You trashed him all the time but now you’re singing his praises.’ It’s just fun stuff.”

Such Marshall-mashing messages from Mountaineer fans include, “I guess we should expect the suicide rate to go up in Huntington,” and “Welcome to the WVU family Randy — it is never too late to come to your senses.”

Oh, the hilarity!

But West Virginia fans will have a hard time finding the black & white WV jacket at the Morgantown bookstore, as Moss had it custom-made for himself.

This isn’t the first time the Cavs got caught up in a clothing controversy. LeBron James irked many Clevelanders last year by sporting a Yankees cap during the Indians’ division series against New York.

LeBron James Yankees

And now LeBron & Randy share another common trait - neither won a championship in 2008.