Moss’ Patriots Signing A Sign Favre Packing It In?

In our never-ending quest to provide plentiful show prep for mid-market (Helloooo Tulsa!) morning sports radio hosts, we’re surprised the main media is missing a major point of the Randy Moss-Patriots sign.

Brett Favre Wine

(Less-than-crisp finish?)

Buried in a piece by Tom Silverstein of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL, he writes, “There has been speculation around the league that Moss might reconsider playing for the Packers if quarterback Brett Favre returns for another season …

” … but the source said he didn’t know how high Green Bay would be willing to go to meet Moss’ financial needs. Any chance of Moss playing in Green Bay would probably depend on Favre coming back, he said.

With Moss signing with the Patriots today, we wonder if that is a sign that he could not get a guarantee from Green Bay that #4 would be back in the saddle in 2008. Or for the two seasons Moss would’ve figured to spend in northern Wisconsin.

We’re surprised the NFL MSM (Mort, Clayton, Shefter, Glazer) isn’t all over this angle of the Moss sign. Perhaps that’s because Favre is embargoing everyone on his retirement plans but his Biloxi buddies - and the Packers webmaster.

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