Morten Andersen Wants To Kick One More Time

There are some things you can’t get rid of no matter how hard you try. Certain cancers. The remote threat of a zombie pandemic. White guilt. Well, you can add another thing to the list: Morten Andersen. The 48-year-old kicker has plans to lace up the cleats one more time.

Morten Andersen

(Morty’s rookie card)

During a reunion game at Michigan State, Andersen told reporters about his plan. When his old team the New Orleans Saints host the Falcons on December 7th, Andersen would be 48 years, 110 days old. Coincidentally enough, that’s one day older than George Blanda was when he retired from the sport, concluding his career as the oldest person ever to kick a ball through the uprights. If Andersen gets his way and dons the fleur-de-lis one more time to kick an extra point, he’ll have finally caught Old Man Blanda’s record, possibly one of the only things he still holds dear.

Seems like kind of a dick move.


“That came into my somewhat-oversized head here a couple of months ago,” said Andersen, who served as an MSU honorary co-captain with Buck Nystrom on Saturday. “I was just sitting around going, ‘It’s kind of silly just to retire. Let’s go out with a bang, do something fun. Make it community event.’ We could kind of do a fund-raiser; raise some money, too, for hurricane victims in Louisiana and do a lot of things.”

Andersen said the Saints seem receptive to the idea, and he also has spoken with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about returning for one game.

“He likes the idea,” Andersen said. “He’s just got to kind of wrap his arms around the roster exemption and see if there’s a precedent for it. I don’t think it’s ever been done. Leave it to me to try to find another way to do things.”

Here’s to Andersen getting one more opportunity to put an extra point on the board. And here’s to the Saints calling time out right before the snap and electing to go for two.

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